Product Description
1. High calcium helps to improve the bones of dogs and promote their growth.
2 Specially added vitamins and omega 3&omega 6 fatty acids to make the skin healthier and the fur bright.
3 The scientific formula made from fresh meat and fresh vegetables maintains a healthy immune system, reduces the risk of disease, and protects pet joints.
Food Grade Dog Dry Food Price

Crude protein ≥26% Vitamin A ≥13000lu/kg
Crude fat ≥12% Vitamin D3 ≥2000lu/kg
Crude fiber ≤5% Vitamin E ≥500lu/kg
Calcium ≥1% Omega 3 ≥0.43%
Phosphorus ≥5% Omega 6 ≥1.7%
Crude ash ≤9% Moisture ≤10%
Ingredients Chicken,duck,animal fats and oils, natural flavoring additives, yeast, beet pulp, vitamin and mineral

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Raw Material:
Chicken/beef, rice, corn, rice, high-quality grains, dried egg products, fresh milk, calcium bone meal, taurine, lysine, methionine, niacin, pantothenic acid, trace elements, vitamins (A, D, E), The European Union allows antioxidants.
Food Grade Dog Dry Food for Sale

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