This is mainly for those pet dogs who are still staying at the “dining table”. Because pet dogs have their own nutritional needs and safe eating habits. However, many pet lovers are still in a backward state of feeding dogs leftovers on the table.

Even people with superb spiritual consciousness will still buy some chicken livers and duck livers. Prepare some leftovers, leftovers, etc. to feed. Among them, in addition to actual economic factors, many are caused by the lack of pet diet safety and pet nutrition concepts. Because of this, pet dogs around us are constantly threatened by their health. People always think that what they like is what their pet likes, and what they like is what their pet likes. In fact, this is not the case. Humans are advanced omnivores, while dogs were pure carnivores at first. After nearly 10,000 years of human domestication, they have become carnivorous omnivores. The intestines of pet dogs are also relatively fragile. In short, it is only 3-4 times that of the body, it is not easy to digest excessive carbohydrates, and it is easier to absorb meat nutrients. Pet dogs have an extremely sensitive sense of smell, and their taste buds are basically one-sixth of those of humans. The sense of taste is generally underdeveloped. We humans like to chew slowly and savor carefully, while pet dogs always use their jaws to quickly tear apart food and then swallow it whole. There is no “tasting” process like humans do. These are very different from us humans.

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