1. High-quality dog food has a protein content of 21-24%, a fat content of 8%-16%, a moisture content of 10%, and a fiber content of 3%-4%. Omega 3 is 0.5, Omega 6 is 3, and calcium is 1.5. Phosphorus is 1.1. High-quality dog food is packaged beautifully, and the packaging used is a specially designed and manufactured moisture-proof bag. In order to further save costs, low-grade dog food is generally packaged in plastic or kraft paper, which is prone to spoilage.

2. After opening the bag, high-quality dog food can inquire about the natural smell, so that the smeller will have appetite. Low-grade dog food usually uses chemical additives, so it has a pungent taste after opening the bag, such as a strong taste.

3. High-end dog food has full grains, darker and even color, and the oily feeling is from the inside to the outside. Most low-end dog foods have uneven grains, lighter and uneven color due to production process, raw materials and other reasons, which appear to be relatively dry and somewhat In order to make the dog food look more sellable, the manufacturer applied a layer of oil and pigment on the surface of the dog food.

4. The high-quality nutrients are high and can be easily absorbed by the dog, so the amount of each feeding does not need to be large. This can be seen in the dosing table of each dog food package and compared accordingly.

5. The palatability is better, and dogs love to eat more.

6. Dog feces are moderately soft and hard, with less feces and little peculiar smell.

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