Cat food is economical, convenient, and comprehensive. Cat food can be roughly divided into three types: dry food, canned food and semi-cooked food. Dry cat food is a comprehensive food that contains essential nutrients. It has a rich taste and can clean and protect teeth to a certain extent.

There are many types of cat food prices. Natural foods are more effective and easy to store. Therefore, if possible, try to focus on this food. Be sure to put clean drinking water next to the cat’s dry food; some people think that cats do not drink water, which is wrong.

There are many kinds of canned cat food made with high-end ingredients such as shrimps and fish. It is convenient to choose and tastes delicious. Therefore, it is more popular with cats than dry food. Some canned food can be used as canned food, and some canned food, such as most daily canned food, belong to the category of canned snacks. As a staple food, they may cause nutritional imbalance. It is best not to mix canned food with dry food, because it will damage your teeth, so you should eat it separately. Canned food is convenient for long-term storage, but it is easy to deteriorate after opening.

Semi-cooked food is between food and canned food, suitable for old cats.

Taurine is added to some high-quality cat foods. The amino acid taurine cannot be synthesized in cats and can only be obtained by capturing mice. As a cat as a companion pet, catching mice is unconditional. The lack of this amino acid in cats will affect night vision, so be sure to choose good quality cat food.

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