Cat litter is an item used by the owner to bury the feces and urine of the cat kept by the owner. Good water absorption, generally used with cat litter box (or cat toilet). Pour the right amount of cat litter into the litter box. A well-trained cat will walk into the litter box and place the cat feces on it when it needs to be excreted.

The most important advancement in cat culture is the use of cat litter. Early cat litter was mainly non-condensing cat litter, which was mainly used to store cat poop. However, with the continuous advancement of cat litter technology, people are no longer limited to such simple storage, so condensed sand, wood sand, crystal sand, bentonite sand, etc. continue to appear.

Usually, cat litter is made of paper pulp to make small particles to simulate sand and provide water absorption. There are also particles that use physical desiccants such as silica gel. Chemical products such as antibacterial agents/deodorants/preservatives are generally added. Cat litter will condense into lumps when exposed to water. Although it is easy to clean, it is recommended to use a dedicated drain scraper. Most litter cats will stand up and take them to other places after stepping on them, so be careful to clean them frequently.

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