1. Powerful deodorization. It can lock the peculiar smell in urine or feces firmly without dispersing, keeping the air in your room fresh and odorless.

2. Super fast moisture absorption. It can quickly absorb the moisture in pet urine and feces in a very short time; moisture absorption can reach more than 80% of its own weight, while still maintaining a dry appearance.

3. Lasting effect. 4 lbs/bag of cat litter can be used by a cat for more than one month.

4. Forte propriété antibactérienne. Parce que le bac à litière est sec, la croissance des bactéries est réduite. Si une litière antibactérienne pour chat est utilisée, elle a également un effet bactéricide.

5. Easy to handle. Silica gel cat litter does not agglomerate, leaves no traces, has no dust, has a light specific gravity, and has a small amount of garbage. It can be treated as ordinary garbage; it is convenient and safe to use at home.

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