Many brands of cat litter come in small packages. Choose a few well-known brands of cat litter, try them out one by one, and decide which one you like.

It’s not a blind choice when choosing. You need to pay attention to several points: First, choose cat litter that can be condensed and easy to remove. This kind of cat litter is easy to clean and can absorb odor; secondly, cats prefer unscented cat litter, so try not to Choose those cat litter with strong fragrance, but the owner tends to prefer scented cat litter, so the cat’s feelings are not considered when choosing. Therefore, the cat litter bought back does not like to be used. Please remember that the cat litter is For cats, their favorite litter is suitable. If cats don’t like the litter we choose for them, they usually have the following behaviors: scratching the litter tray, standing outside the litter tray, or jumping out soon after entering the litter tray, “poo” directly next to the litter tray, Therefore, when you find that your cat has the above conditions, please change to another cat litter. Please do not easily change to another brand after confirming it.

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