This cat litter product is an environmentally friendly cat litter product made from recycled pine wood, pulp or wheat by-products. The basic effect of sawdust cat litter is similar to that of crystal cat litter.

This kind of cat litter is made from sawdust as the main raw material, supplemented by a small amount of natural binder granulation. There is no dust or dust is very small, it will not cause air pollution, and it is anti-seepage The ability is very strong, with better clumping and flavor absorption functions. It can directly absorb urine and can be directly discarded into the toilet to flush away. Usually, it does not need to be cleaned too much. However, the sawdust cat litter will become powdery after absorbing urine. When the whole pot is almost powdered, it can be discarded completely and has a long service life. Basically, sawdust cat litter is relatively non-smelly, but the smell of wood is bound to be there. If you don’t like the smell of pine or other sawdust, the owner should consider whether to buy it. The price is slightly higher than condensed cat litter and crystal cat litter.

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