Cats need to breastfeed until they are 4 weeks old. (Breast milk is best eaten until the full moon. In some countries such as the United States, it is recommended that cats accompany breast milk for 2-3 months)

From the fourth week, mix the cat milk and a little canned cat food in a shallow dish and heat it to lukewarm (if you use a microwave to heat it, it only takes a few seconds. Stir well after heating, because the microwave will not heat evenly)), Let them try to adapt to the taste of canned cat food, and slowly they will eat from the pot. Gradually reduce cat milk and increase cat canned food.

After a week, you can add dry cat food softened by warm water to the bowl, gradually stop adding cat milk to the bowl, and reduce the cat milk in the bottle until there is no cat milk in the bottle.

By the time kittens are six weeks old, they should eat kitten food by themselves and drink water from the bowl.

The whole process should proceed step by step and don’t be too anxious. (Don’t use too large a cat food bowl for kittens. Experience has shown that kittens often use oversized cat food bowls as cat toilets, defecate or urinate in them, or stand directly in the cat food bowl to eat.)

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